Davis Salvage is your Mesa, AZ Local Scrap Yard. At Davis Salvage we purchase and distribute a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.


Scrap Metal

  • Aluminum Cans Plastic and Glass Bottles Bicycles
  • Wheels/Rims Bed Frames Window Frames
  • Metal Shelves & Racks Metal Filing Cabinets Copper Tubing
  • Aluminum Siding B-B-Q’s Aluminum Sheds
  • Aluminum Ladders Trampolines Metal Fencing
  • Wiring Insulated Copper Wire


  • Refrigerators Freezers Dryers
  • Small Electrical Appliances Dishwashers Stoves
  • Washers Water Heaters Air Conditioners
  • Cast Iron Tubs

Automobiles & Parts and Accessories

  • Cars Truck Beds Motorcycle Trailers
  • Batteries 356 Alum Wheels Boat Trailers
  • Motorcycles Radiators Copper Radiators
  • Wheel Weights Steel and Aluminum Boats Motor Blocks
  • Sealed Motors Pumps Axels
  • Drums Rotors Car Doors

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials

  • Appliances (no Freon bearing) Sheet Iron Cast Iron
  • Bushling Steel Chips, Shaving or Turnings Motor Blocks
  • Rotors HMS Unprepared Iron
  • Rebar
  • Copper Aluminum Copper Coils Brass
  • Lead Diecast Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Batteries Cans
  • Transformers Electric Motors Aluminum Shavings
  • Insulated Aluminum Radiators Alloys
  • Electric Meters Water Meters Insulated Wire
  • Figure 8 Cable Heater Cores High Grade Metals
  • Wire Wheels

Please refer to the contact page and feel free to call our friendly office staff for the most current pricing and shipping requirements, as they may change daily.